Control Panel

The Buycraft control panel is the result of over 5 years of extensive development with everything you need to manage your own online webstore. From creating your first package to viewing detailed payment statistics, everything has been created with the utmost usability in mind.


Create packages for your players to purchase and contribute towards your server costs.


The coupon system allows you to create advanced discounts to give to your community.


With the sales feature you can setup periods of time where packages are discounted automatically.


Variables enable you to create packages with user customisable options such as choosing their in game name tag color.


The automatic subscription system allows your players to subscribe to packages. Perfect for monthly VIP memberships.


We provide advanced payment statistics so you know exactly how many payments you are receiving.

Hundreds Of Features

Buycraft is filled with hundreds of features to make funding your online community as easy as possible. Have a certain idea on how you'd like to sell packages? It's guaranteed that we support it, and if not, we won't hesitate to implement it for you.

Create your own webstore in under 60 seconds

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